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"It’s Diana’s personal anecdotes from her incredible and extensive professional experience that make her presentations unique and so engaging. Her direct and candid approach is balanced by her unrelenting passion for ensuring women are successful in realising their career aspirations."

Naomi Menahem, AICD

Keynote speaker, Advisor, Innovator

Diana Ryall is a distinguished and respected businesswoman (ex MD of Apple Australia) with a wealth of experience and expertise in workplace culture, diversity and inclusion and corporate innovation. She is regularly commissioned as a corporate diversity advisor, strategist and keynote speaker.

Diana Ryall keynote speaker

Keynote speaker

Diana Ryall speaks passionately about inspiring leadership, inclusive workplaces and gender equality.

Keynote topics include:

  • Bringing gender equality into your workplace
  • Finding and supporting talented women
  • How values-based leadership fosters inclusive workplaces
  • Why charity involvement builds engagement
  • What women bring to leadership
  • Why fostering diversity is worthwhile
  • Women in business – confidence and resiliency.
Diana Ryall on diversity panel

Expert diversity advisor

Many companies claim to value diversity, but achieving a truly diverse workplace can be easier said than done.

With a firm agenda to support the success of women in business and politics, Diana Ryall is a recognised expert in helping organisations increase workplace diversity and inclusion.

Through a combination of consultation, facilitation of strategy workshops and executive coaching, Diana guides organisations in areas such as:

  • Essential steps to achieve workplace diversity
  • Overcoming subconscious bias
  • Creating a culture of mentorship and sponsorship
  • Programs to actively support the promotion of women
  • Recruiting and supporting talent.
Diana Ryall diversity presentation

Innovation leader

Leading innovation takes know how and experience — and Diana Ryall has plenty of both. With over 20 years experience at Apple Australia, including four years as Managing Director, and over 16 years running her own corporate training and development companies, Diana has developed sound strategies for helping organisations create, innovate and change.

Whether it's to lead a brainstorm, facilitate a strategy session, or work closely with an organisation to guide the development of an innovative workplace culture, Diana is a sought after professional.

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Diana is a respected businesswoman, keynote speaker, expert diversity advisor and vocal advocate of equality and corporate innovation.

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