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Diana Ryall AM

Keynote Speaker
Diversity advisor
Innovation leader

“I want to challenge all Australians to embrace equality, better understand personal bias, think differently about diversity and support all people to achieve their goals.”

Diana Ryall

Diana Ryall, leading by example



As the first female leader of an IT company (Apple) in Australia, Diana Ryall has been innovating and disrupting the workplace for more than 30 years. She is not afraid to speak up and is well-known for her efforts to challenge people to think differently and to bring equality and cultural change to the workplace.

Diana Ryall on diversity panel


Through her high profile roles in corporate leadership, business consultancy, advocacy groups and charitable projects, Diana Ryall has developed a deep passion and expertise for helping organisations to become more inclusive and embrace diversity thereby increasing their business success.



Diana Ryall became a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in 2010 for her significant contribution to the education community, her commitment and support to the advancement of women, and her ongoing and wide-reaching charitable work.

Diana was named one of the top 100 AFR Women of Influence in 2018.

In the media and on stage

Diana Ryall discusses how women should start having the conversation in dividing the workload in the home as the first step to achieving equality.

Inclusive leaders in the world today: David Morrison AO and Diana Ryall AM talk inclusive leadership.

Diana Ryall discusses the importance of being visible and networking during challenging economic times.

The 'Di' in Diversity



Di Ryall is quite literally, the 'Di' in Diversity.

Beginning her career as a high school maths teacher and computer programmer, Diana Ryall made a name for herself when she became Managing Director of Apple Australia — the first woman in Australia to lead an IT company. 

Beyond Apple, her company, Xplore, has been driving equality and inclusion through career programs, coaching, leadership development, books and events in some of Australia's biggest organisations for more than 16 years.

Diana is now a leading voice and advocate for equality in Australia. She is committed to a number of NFP organisations aligned to her values and is a regular leader and ambassador for these causes. 

In 2010, Diana became a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for her significant charitable and professional contributions.

Diana was named one of the top 100 AFR Women of Influence in 2018.


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Not afraid to speak up

"I value integrity, fairness, support of those less fortunate, both within Australia and overseas, and I am always on the lookout for opportunities to challenge people to think differently.

It could be as a guest speaker, a brainstorm leader, an expert advisor or a vocal advocate on a social media platform. Whatever it is, I genuinely strive to say what I believe needs to be heard and to help people make the changes that need to be made."

What's Diana saying today?

“What I witnessed was an audience mesmerized by Di's wisdom. Di fitted into the panels and complemented her fellow panelists as though she had worked with the people and each panel topic exclusively throughout her career. She did not cease to amaze!”

George Deriso
Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado

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Diana is a respected businesswoman, keynote speaker, expert diversity advisor and vocal advocate of equality and corporate innovation.

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